Seamless, Fast & Reliable Connectivity.

At telexair, we are totally committed to offer seamless, fast, and reliable connectivity. Our strategic partnerships with Tier 1 service providers gives us a powerful advantage that we offer to our clientele.

Our solutions are customized and scalable with the highest possible uptimes (up to 99.8%) that are backed by our SLAs. Our corporate Internet solutions address every need of your organization – be it Leased Lines, Managed Internet Service or Managed Wi-Fi Service.

Our Internet services are HIGHLY SCALABLE allowing bandwidth delivery from 2 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.


   World-class Enterprise Internet experience.

   Dual Pop Dual Last Mile highly redundant Internet Leased Lines.

   100% legal compliance and fully licensed ops.

   Constant monitoring of network health & performance.

   Planned maintenance cycles with negligible disruption .

   Responsive Helpdesk for prompt troubleshooting.

   Transparent multi-level escalation grid for effective issue resolution.

   Managed WiFi services for offices to permit guest Log-in with 2 level authentication for secured Internet access.


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